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Pink Sand

Inner Devotion Yoga
Yoga for Mind & Body

Studio Protocol


The studio is a place for quiet reflection and solitude. In order to keep this a peaceful space we ask that all students keep voices low and talking to a minimum before class and cell phones to be placed on silent. It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class to set up your mat. If you happen to arrive and class has started, quietly place your mat on the floor and join in the class. Please be mindful of those around you.


Things to Know

Wear comfy clothes that move with your body. For the top it's best to dress in layers with a tank top or t-shirt under a sweatshirt and for the bottom wear leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants or shorts. Bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water. We will be practicing barefoot on our mats. A blanket is a good idea to place under the knees for certain poses and it's nice to place over your body during savasana. Bring a great attitude and be ready to sweat and have fun!

Attending Class

Monitor your health and if you feel unwell, please do not attend the studio.

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